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Participation in restorative justice is voluntary and involves a facilitated meeting between the victim and offender.

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Read below for a few examples of how we helped offenders and victims get closure

Careless Driving Causing Death

What Happened?

A young woman driving to work collided with motorcycle; the rider was killed.

The Restorative Outcome

The son of the deceased attended the RJ Conference with the driver. The driver accepted responsibility for the accident, apologised for her error and acknowledged the pain and suffering she had caused the deceased’s family. The son thanked her for not trying to avoid responsibility, and for her apology He said “it was just an accident and I don’t want this incident to define your life …it could have happened to any of us ….it is not as if you set out to collide with him”.

Injures with Intent

What Happened?

A drunk man assaulted a stranger in the street for no reason. He knocked him out and the victim came to in an ambulance on the way to hospital.

The Restorative Outcome

The offender apologised profusely and said he had no idea why he assaulted the victim because he had been drinking heavily for two days. He had begun counselling to address his problem with alcohol, and he offered to pay the medical costs of the victim.

The victim accepted his apology, and encouraged the offender to continue with the counselling. He said he did not want money but would rather the offender used it to help himself and become more settled. He said “The apology has made a huge difference ….it speaks of your worth as a person”.

At the end of the conference the men shook hands and embraced.

Injures with Intent

What Happened?

A man who was the subject of a Protection Order contravened it, by entering his partner’s house and refusing to leave.

The Restorative Outcome

The offender apologised to his partner, saying he was really sorry to have upset her and the children by his behaviour. He admitted that alcohol was a problem for him but that since the offence he had given it up. He also agreed to get counselling and attend a support group.

The victim described to the offender how his behaviour had upset her and their children, who hated to set their parents argue. She said that “the kids miss their Dad” and she hoped that he would not be sent to jail.

The offender and the victim agreed to do a parenting course together.


What Happened?

While a family were away on holiday, their home was burgled.

The Restorative Outcome

The offender said his crime was fuelled by his drug habit, and that he had become addicted to drugs after turning to them when his mother died. He was in prison at the time of the RJ Conference, and explained he had now been free from drugs for several months, and was receiving grief counselling.

The victim described how his burglary had affected the family. They had lost items that had huge sentimental value, having been gifted to them by relatives who had since passed away. The children had lost electronic games they had saved for months to buy, and the younger child was scared at night in case the burglar returned.

The offender was visibly upset when he realised the effects of his crime on the victims, and made a commitment to try and lead a crime -free life in future. He also promised to write a letter to the victim in three months’ time, outlining how he was progressing.


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